Ravand Annual Conference

An international forum is held annually where Iranian and international officials, corporate and business executives, international organizations, NGOs, the media, and academics are invited to participate and interact and to debate on a diversity of political and economic subjects with a view to contributing to the shaping of policies. The conference is also an opportune setting for networking and for meeting potential partners. The forthcoming 2-day conference will take place in the last week of May.

Ravand Evening Event

An interactive 4-hour round table dinner event that features the lively interaction of participants exploring key issues and emerging trends. During this VIP event, a speech is given by a distinguished personality, and audience members are given the opportunity to deliberate, and to guide the discussion with their input through a rapporteur.

Ravand Lecture

This 2-hr event held throughout the years features a lecture and debate concentrating on important international, geopolitical, economic and environmental issues affecting Iran and the region. The lecture is a social event allowing for networking and interaction amongst participants. The event is designed to promote the understanding of issues at the forefront of international debates.

Ravand Workshops

Designed for those at the managerial level, including CEO’s, business strategists, and senior executives who are eager to gain a better understanding of Iran and its developments and trends. Module courses are taught on various subjects such as Business Negotiation in Iran, Iranian Foreign Policy, Contemporary Iranian History, Political Economy of Iran, and the Financial Market of Iran. Customized instructional workshops focus on the fundamentals and complexities of policies and developments.