Membership of the Ravand Institute for Economic and International Studies offers unique access to advanced research and analysis of investment opportunities, financial, economic and geopolitical affairs as well as salient energy issues concerning Iran, its immediate region and beyond. The Membership Program offers several categories of membership; members enjoy a variety of privileges within different membership categories, and benefits accumulate with increased levels of commitment. Benefits include privileged access to meetings, conferences and publications, as well as direct access to Iran’s most influential and established networks. Prospective members must be approved by the Institute’s Board of Directors.

For more information about memberships or to become a member please email

If you believe that the project of dialogue and consensus-building is integrative, and you wish to become part of that larger debate by participating in Ravand’s forums and events, and by benefiting from the Institute’s research activities and publications, you should consider becoming a member.

If you believe in contributing to policy-oriented economic and international debates (at the national, regional and international level), by interacting and networking with society’s key stakeholders, you should consider becoming a member.

If you are part of a corporation, or you are a business executive, or an entrepreneur, and you wish to have an insider’s view today’s business landscape, you should consider becoming a member.

If are interested in achieving smart solutions and win-win partnerships by gaining access to customized analytical and strategic executive reports, tailored for specific industries and specific needs, you should consider becoming a member.

Those who have already engaged in investment and business in Iran and in the region, or are interested in the developments in this vital area, or believe that events of this region would affect their business. These include: multinationals, banks and financial companies and institutions, law firms and consultancies, industrial and manufacturing corporations, companies involved in management, construction, services, IT and technology, and all areas of the media.

All institutions, regional and international organizations, government agencies, diplomatic missions, UN agencies, NGOs, non-profit institutions and charity foundations can become members of Ravand. While enjoying membership benefits, these entities would have an opportunity to contribute to the process of internationalization of societies and corporations.

Those institutions or individuals with research interests that are compatible with Ravand’s research areas. These include international and political issues, energy security, economic and financial policies, environment and renewables.