Adeli selected as GECF Secretary General

Ravand Institute for Economic and International Studies is pleased to announce that H.E. Dr. S.M.Hossein Adeli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the institute has been unanimously selected for the position of Secretary General of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) by the 15th session of the Ministerial meeting held in Tehran on Nov.3, 2013.

Dr. Adeli will assume the direction of GECF secretariat as of 1st of January 2014 for two years.

In a presentation to the Ministerial meeting as well as executive board of GECF on Sunday 3rd November 2013 in Tehran, Dr. Adeli outlined his plans as a candidate for the position of Secretary General of the forum. He, inter alia, highlighted the following points:

  1. Developments in the Global gas market pose to reshape the dynamics of the market in various aspects. There are challenges as well as opportunities that should carefully be studied and addressed.
  2. Having around 67 percent of reserves, 42 per cent of production, 38 percent of pipeline gas transmission, and 80 per cent of LNG trade GECF has a lot of say and a considerable role to play in the market.
  3. To materialize the aspirations set forth in the articles of association and the issues agreed upon in the two summit meetings held so far, there is a need for an efficient, dynamic and credible secretariat, building a distinctive image and also to match competing and similar organizations.
  4. It is important to work closely with member countries, to appreciate and address their expectations and attract their confidence and trust.
  5. Reaching out to all stakeholders with the priority of consumers and other producers and exporters. Furthermore, an engagement in an active, continuous communications and interactions with businesses, energy companies, financial institutions, academia, policy makers as well as the media.

In addition to his successful career in economics and various diplomatic positions, namely the Governor of Central Bank and Iran’s Ambassador to UK, Canada and Japan, Dr. Adeli has had extensive experience in the field of energy for the past three decades.