The Ravand Institute is an independent, private, non-partisan, non-governmental research organization – a think tank – focusing on important policy issues facing Iran, the region and beyond, today and in the future. It is the first, and remains the only think tank of its kind in Iran.

Ravand’s objective is to contribute to the internationalization process of society and corporations mainly in Iran and in the region through the promotion of political, social and cultural understanding on one side, and economic partnerships on the other.

Ravand believes that in order to develop genuine consensus within society and amongst the elite, all players should participate and engage in dialogue on different policy issues. These actors include government officials, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, the private sector, academics, researchers, NGOs, international organizations and the media. These entities are essential to the consensus-building process for macro policies.

Ravand is of the opinion that in the era of globalization where the world is becoming increasingly internationalized, development of society is no longer an entirely domestic issue. Development cannot be achieved locally or in isolation. Rather it is a process that involves regional and global dimensions and potentials. The proposed project of dialogue and consensus-building should be integrative, bringing together a wide range of actors at the local, regional and global level.