Ravand 2nd Annual Conference

Iran: Seeking a Role Security & Partnership

The success of the first conference was grounds to organize a broader and more extensive conference the following year. And, indeed, Ravand’s Second Annual International Conference on 26-27 May 2007, also dealing with Iran’s role, security and partnership, was an even bigger success. The conference drew together even more senior and qualified experts, and distinguished personalities who explored a diversity of complex issues, perspectives and dilemmas, as well as challenges and emerging trends. The conference was inaugurated by three keynote speakers — Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Vice President of Iraq; Engineer Mohammad Reza Bahonar, the HE Vice Speaker of the Majles; and Engineer Gholam Hossein Nozari

The convergence of major global risks such as geopolitical instability, energy security, macroeconomic imbalances and climate change, coupled with regional Middle East volatility, made the Second Annual Conference even more imperative and timely. Society’s key stakeholders — including both panelists and audience members — discussed a myriad of issues ranging from Iran’s relationship with the international community and the region; the energy market, and oil and gas projects; investment, banking and financial challenges; political and security issues; and the environment and corporate social investment.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received after the event was a testament that the conference provided a much-needed forum for fruitful debate and discussion, as well an opportunity for corporate-level networking and interaction.